Nike Communications began working with McIntosh Labs, a world-renowned, legacy company known among audio connoisseurs for crafting exceptional home audio systems, for the 2012 launch of their McAire Integrated Audio System. As the brand’s first lifestyle product to date, our agency was committed to capitalizing on the opportunity to raise McIntosh’s profile outside of the audio trade media, effectively introducing the brand to a new demo of non-audiophile consumers.   

For the introduction of McAire, our agency devised a media launch strategy that showcased the new system’s ability to reproduce ‘music how the artist intended it be heard’.  This meant showcasing the system to the media in a private, luxury box at the newly opened Barclays Center and hosting the product’s press preview at a real artist recording session at one of New York’s legendary recording studios. 

The product launch alone earned McIntosh 99 million media impressions and contributed to the McAire selling out within six months after its debut.